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My journey started over a decade ago when I fell in love with event planning. In 2013, I was voted as the WNC Programming Chair for a non-profit organization that I hold dear to my heart. This gave me the opportunity to plan a huge convention with 900 guests and over 45 different workshops. It was then that I realized how much I loved being a part of a group project that resulted in a big party.


During my time as the Programming Chair, I embarked on a new journey towards higher education. At the University of North Carolina Asheville, I studied entrepreneurship and small business operation, all while offering freelance event planning services. To my surprise, people were hiring me and my event planning career was born.


Now, you can find me planning dreamy weddings, hosting nightlife events, working with non-profit organizations to throw awesome fundraisers, and creating stunning balloon arches for themed birthdays. I believe that I can do all the things, and I am committed to making your events unforgettable. Thank you for supporting me and taking the time to read about me. Let's talk about you and your upcoming event!

A brief backstory about

List of things                    LOVES 

  • Making Lists ;)

  • Adventure of all kinds

  • A themed party

  • Watching people say "I do!"

  • Celebrating authenticity

  • Everything outdoors

  • Promoting eco-friendliness

  • Cocktails by the fire

  • Organizing... anything

  • Helping humans

  • Petting soft dogs

  • Making my son laugh

  • Seeing others happy

  • Celebrating equality

  • Trying new things

  • Crafting of all kinds

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